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West Coast Swing vs. East Coast Swing…Round 2!

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What is the difference between East Coast Swing (ECS) and West Coast Swing (WCS)?  This is a question I get asked a lot.  Of course I never mind answering this question (or any question from my students for that matter), but I figured it might be nice to explain a little bit here...Be sure to find "WCS vs. ECS Round 1" for a brief history of each dance.

Lets talk about what each dance looks like.

When I watch good WCS dancers I think, "Wow, they look really cool".  WCS has been described as smooth and sexy.  There is not a lot of up and down bouncy movement.  The dancers are moving so smooth sometimes, it looks like they are dancing on treadmills!  The follower will usually be dancing back and forth in a line on the floor (also known as a slot).  And the leader will be getting out of her way by getting off the slot and then getting back on the slot after she passes.  This is why it looks so effortless.  There is also a rubberband-like effect to the connection.  The dancers stretch away, and then come in, and stretch away again.  The leader pushes the follower, and then the follower continues down that trajectory until the leader changes the trajectory.  The follower is always going to the end of the connection she is given to give it this look.  It is really neat!  The trends for WCS music change from time to time.  Usually WCS is typically danced to popular music, and rhythm and blues.

When I watch good ECS dancers I think, "Wow, they look really cool".  Haha!  Were you expecting something different?  ECS is cool in different ways.  ECS has a energetic, fun, but also laid back, cool, look to it.  It will have a nice bounce to it.  It will also be more rotational looking than WCS too.  ECS is typically danced to big band music as you will hear on Friday nights here at Midtown Stomp.  You can also dance ECS to rock and roll music too.  It's all good.

In summary:

  • Both have triple steps.
  • Both are cool.
  • Both are named after coasts (huh?)
  • I will dance both until the day I die.

I hope this clears up some of the questions in your mind.  If you have any further questions feel free to ask any one of us instructors.  This is Tarah, signing off...and remember...be excellent to each other.



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