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Spotlight’s 13th Anniversary Party

August 17, 2015 | Filed Under: Uncategorized

On September 19th join your friends for a special 3rd Saturday Dance party. What’s so special? We will be celebrating 13 years of Spotlight magic!

We hope to see some familiar faces from Spotlight’s past and present. It’s going to be a great evening! And as usual, there WILL BE CAKE! (And dancing too.)

Spotlight Summer Dance Camp

August 17, 2015 | Filed Under: Uncategorized

It’s summer time and that means it’s time for the Spotlight Summer Dance Camp, formerly known as the Spotlight Dance Spectacular Workshops. This year the dance camp will happen on Saturday, August 22nd and to make sure everyone gets the most out of the workshops, we have 3 tracks. Each track is tailored to give you material that will keep you progressing forward in your dancing. Workshops are 45 minutes long.

Beginner – only $20 – For the dancer who is just beginning their journey.

Video of the Week: Bleeding Love

August 10, 2015 | Filed Under: Uncategorized

Today’s video comes to us from instructor Brent Bianchini. Why’d he pick this video?

This is one of my favorites of all time. This really puts into perspective the power that choreography can put behind dance craft.

Chelsea Hightower (Latin Ballroom dancer) and Mark Kanemura (Jazz dancer) took the world by storm in 2009 with “Bleeding Love”. It was incredible Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo and nominated for an Emmy.

Welcome Brent Bianchini

April 15, 2015 | Filed Under: Spotlight News

By now, most of you have heard that we have a new instructor at Spotlight Ballroom!  Brent Bianchini comes to us with many years of experience teaching, performing and competing in ballroom dance.  He also enjoys acting and stage performance, with experience as a professional actor.

We have a special offer to help introduce all of you to Brent.  Available to any students as a one-time offer, you can schedule two private lessons with Brent for only $99.  

Ballroom Dancing Competition Checklist

January 27, 2015 | Filed Under: Uncategorized

If you’ve never seen a ballroom competition, it really is a shock to all of the senses; lots of shiny costumes, bright lights, loud music, high heels, and perfectly bronzed bodies parading around in the middle of winter. The floor is filled with dancers who train locally, as well as internationally, to compete for their own personal growth or a coveted Top Student award.

City Lights Ball is one of the first ballroom competitions of the year and starts this Thursday evening in San Jose.

10 things you don’t know about Tarah Mark

December 20, 2014 | Filed Under: The Spotlight Family

Today we get to know instructor Tarah Mark a little better. Here are 10 things you might not know about Tarah:

1). I’m licensed as a registered nurse! So you know who to come to for a band aid.
2). Stars Wars or Star Trek?  I say why do I have to choose between 2 awesome things!!!
3). iTunes is my best friend!
4). I am in a very turbulent,

Happy Chanukah

Colorful Dreidels
December 19, 2014 | Filed Under: The Spotlight Family

We would like wish all of our Jewish friends a happy Chanukah! We hope your 8 days are filled family, fun, and incredible latkes! Our owner Scott Kaufman found a fun video that should make everyone smile as well as give those very familiar with Chanukah a little background:

Holiday Showcase Recap

December 19, 2014 | Filed Under: Events At Spotlight

We just finished our annual Holiday Showcase and we couldn’t be more proud of our Spotlight Ballroom family!  Each and every student and teacher worked hard to create and perform a unique piece that showcased so many dances.

The love from the crowd was absolutely insane and their cheering and support for the dancers shows just how much the community at large loves the Spotlight Ballroom. The show was so popular that we had to had almost 50 seats to each show.

To Rotate Or Not: That is the question

September 30, 2014 | Filed Under: First Person Learning | Tagged: partner dancing, social dancing

At Spotlight Ballroom the question of whether or not one has to rotate partners during our group classes comes up often. While we believe that your dancing will greatly benefit from rotating partners we never force you to do so. We would like to take a few minutes to explain why we encourage you rotate partners:

  1. You’ll meet great people. Dancing is a social activity and you can meet some great people while you rotate in class.

Welcome To The New Website

January 5, 2014 | Filed Under: Spotlight News | Tagged: partner dancing, social dancing, history

We couldn’t be more excited to launch our new website! If you’re reading this, it means you’re already on the new Spotlight Ballroom website and there’s a good chance you’ve taken a few minutes to look around. This project has taken over a year. While it’s had many hiccups we’re extremely proud of our online presence. We believe that our new website shows just how incredible our dance studio is. We know that if you’re new to the studio,

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