Time Class Topic Instructor
10:00 am Zumba Christina Musser
11:30 am Beg Nightclub Two Step Christine Comer
11:30 am Int-Adv East Coast Swing Christina Musser
Time Class Topic Instructor
6:30 pm Int Tango Tarah Mark
6:30 pm Int-Adv Ballroom Technique Christina Musser
7:15 pm Beg Cha-Cha Christine Comer
7:15 pm Int-Adv Viennese Waltz Christina Musser
8:00 pm Beg-Int Salsa Lou Saelee
Time Class Instructor
5:45 pm Zumba Christina Musser
6:30 pm Int-Adv Quickstep Donnelle Yoshino
6:30 pm Beg-Int Brazillian Zouk Tarah Mark
7:15 pm Int-Adv Latin Technique Christina Musser
7:15 pm Beg-Int Foxtrot Tarah Mark
8:00 pm Inv. Waltz Christina Musser
Time Class Topic Instructor
6:30 pm Int Clean Up Your Lindy Hop Amber Kaufman
Time Class Topic Instructor
7:15 pm Beg West Coast Swing Lance Oliver
7:15 pm Int West Coast Swing Tarah Mark
7:15 pm Adv West Coast Swing Christina Musser
8:00 pm West Coast Swing Social Dancing
Time Class Topic Instructor
7:00 pm Lindy Hop 1 Felicia and Pat
7:00 pm Lindy Hop 2  The California Routine Amber and Ramses
8:00 pm Drop-in East Coast Swing Gabey and Bryant
8:00 pm Drop-in Lindy Hop Drea and Jess
9:00 pm Midtown Stomp
Time Class Topic Instructor
11:00 am Ballroom Fit Christine Comer
Check out the classes before our Ballroom Social Dances on the first and third Saturdays of the month.