Help Us Spread The Joy Of Dance!

The Professional Ballroom Teacher’s Academy (PBTA) is the only DVIDA-certified program in the Greater Sacramento area.  The need for PBTA is great as training to become a professional dance instructor has traditionally been an elusive and daunting prospect. PBTA offers a formal, straight-forward training program to get you started on your career as a ballroom dance instructor.

Upcoming sessions

Join us for the Summer 2024 Semester which starts May 2nd. Topics will be Salsa, Lindy Hop, and Argentine Tango.  Or consider starting in the Fall 2024 Semester which starts in August. Topics will be Merengue and Samba. Learn how to breakdown patterns and get a jump start on your own dancing!

About the Academy

Trainees will study a rigorous curriculum with innovative exercises, supportive feedback, and regular examinations, all in a structured and affordable program. Upon completing PBTA, graduates are ready to start teaching immediately and are in great demand by students and dance studios alike.

This program will teach you not only the proper technique and skills to perform each dance figure in the syllabus, but also the skills to command a class’ attention, and to adapt your teaching to respond to each student’s need. The PBTA program offers:

  • An intense 32 month program, structured in 8 semesters (Full-time 16 month program may be available.  Please call for details)
  • 2 hour classes, once per week (twice per week full time)
  • Full command of 17 dances (American Smooth, American Rhythm, Club Dances and more)
  • Teaching methodology and the skills you’ll need to be a great instructor
  • Opportunity to participate in numerous dance classes and benefit from discounted coaching lessons
  • DVIDA instructor certification

By completing this program, you’ll lay the foundation of a successful dancing career, qualify for job opportunities around the country, and command higher salaries than non-certified colleagues.

If you are interested in going through the program, we are accepting applications. You can start your application here.  Applications received less than 30 days before semester start date will be considered for the following semester.


“I can’t say enough about how informative and complete is Gwen’s teacher training. She will not only make you a wonderful dancer, but give you the tools to actually teach, and teach dance, specifically.  I’ve taught in a variety of capacities, and this is the most complete teacher training program I’ve seen. In addition to the thoroughness, Gwen has an infectious love of dance, and a warm and supportive nature that makes this program exceptional.”

– Christina Musser, current professional dance teacher & competitor

“A TRUE GIFT! The training that I received in Gwen Burton’s instructor training course was exceptional! The quality, professionalism, completeness, personalization, and broadness of knowledge base that I was immersed in exceeded my expectations in every way.

“I cannot express the gratitude that I feel each day as I realize how well equipped I now am to excel in this fulfilling and rewarding career.”

– Christine Luders, current professional dance teacher & competitor

“I am so incredibly grateful that I took that fantastic program. I enjoyed it so much I keep going even though I’m finished. I’ve learned a ton, Made great new friends, and feel like a much more confident dancer. Also, I now can do both leading and following, so I never have to sit out a dance unless I want to.”

– Amy Long, Spotlight Student