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Spotlight Summer Dance Camp 2017

August 26
10:30am -Spotlight Summer Dance Camp 2017

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Summer Dance Camp is here!  To make sure everyone gets the most out of their workshops, we have 3 tracks. Each track is tailored to give you material that will keep you progressing forward in your dancing. Workshops are 45 minutes long.

Beginner - only $20 - For the dancer who is just beginning their journey. We will teach you the basics of connection in partner dancing, then show you how to use that connection in our Rumba and Tango workshop. After that, learn the samba line dance that we do at our ballroom dance parties!
10:30am - Check-in
11:00am - How to Dance When You Are Not Telepathic
12:00pm - Rumba
1:00pm - Lunch Break
2:00pm - Tango
3:00pm - Samba Line Dance

Intermediate - $50 - For the dancer who’s learned the basics and is ready to expand their dance knowledge. These workshops will help you clean up your dancing and give you more confidence.

10:30am - Check-in
11:00am - Partner Samba
12:00pm - World of Floorcraft
1:00pm - Turns, Spins & Pivots
2:00pm - Lunch Break
3:00pm - Open Footwork - Silver

Invitation only - $50 - For the more experienced dancer. We’re going to challenge you with workshops that will give you the knowledge to advance your dancing. You must be invited to take this track. If you think you’re ready for it, please to talk to your instructor.

11:00am - Check-in
12:00pm - World of Floorcraft
1:00pm - Cuban Motion
2:00pm - Armed and Dangerous
3:00pm - Lunch Break
4:00pm - Musicality

Today @Spotlight August 236:30pm Beg/Int Balboa7:15pm Midtown Stompers Performance Team Practice View Monthly Schedule

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