Tom Cross

Meet Tom Cross, our Student of the Month for November! Tom started dancing with us in 2015 and lights up our studio with the energy that he brings to Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, and Ballroom. He’s performed in many of our showcases and been a crucial part of our show staff helping with props and managing the stage at the theater. Thank you, Tom, for dancing with us, and we look forward to lots of dances with you in the future!

Tom Cross and Amber Kaufman Lindy Hop

5 Things You Might Not Know About Tom Cross

  • He’s a Little Umpire and aspires to one day do a Little League World Series Game.

  • He’s a beekeeper and has his own hive!

  • The first moment he really felt like he belonged in the Spotlight family was when he was helping take a prop off the stage and the whole audience started cheering his name.

  • His favorite fruit is mangoes.

  • Once one of his lessons with Amber was so funny they just laughed for at least five minutes straight.