Dance Like You’re Floating On Air

Here at Spotlight Ballroom, we have a fun, exciting, and growing ballroom dance community.

Group Classes

Ballroom group classes take place Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings. These classes are clearly marked as to their level, and any beginning class is suitable for new dancers.  Most of the group classes focus on learning the steps for that particular dance, as well as providing a foundation of dance skills for your dancing in general.  If you are just getting started, pick a day and time that works for you.  Dances will rotate month to month.  Please visit our calendar for class titles and times.

Dance Parties

We also have at least two social dance opportunities per month at the 1st and 3rd Saturday ballroom dance parties.  We always have a drop-in beginning lesson beforehand, and staff who are excited to help you get out on the dance floor and practice what you have learned.


We love giving you the chance to shine on stage when performing in one of our showcases.  These performances give you a great opportunity to learn an awesome routine with a partner or as part of a dance team and perform that routine for your friends, family, and fellow dancers.  We offer at least two showcases a year with many more opportunities to perform throughout the year.


Be sure to let us know if you are interested in being a competitive ballroom dancer!  We have several instructors on our staff with competition experience.  They are very successful in training and advising students who are interested in pursuing competition and who want to be exceptional.  Competition is a great way to show what you have learned and is a great goal for a ballroom dancer of any level.

Performance and Competition Ballroom Formation Team

As part of the ballroom program, we offer students an opportunity to audition for the Spirit in Motion formation dance team.  On this team, couples stay in formation while dancing ballroom, latin, swing, and club dances.  This team practices frequently and is a great way to get on stage.

Get Started Today

You can learn at your own pace in a supportive environment.  Our students who take regular private lessons have had great success at learning to dance quickly and are out on the floor enjoying their dancing at every party!  All of our membership options work great for any dance you want to learn!  They allow you to take any of our group classes, participate on the performance team, take private lessons, and social dance with us!

The best way to get started is to try us out with a free introductory private lesson.  When you meet with one of our instructors, we will figure out a plan for how best to get you having a great time on the dance floor.