The Good, The Bad, The Ballroom Party

We reckon it's high time we had a country western theme party! Don’t spend your Saturday barkin’ at a knot! Dress in your best country threads, or as your favorite cowboy or country western character, and come to the town dance! Just make sure you leave all your weapons at home ( or ) . This ain't your Great Grandpappy’s ballroom dancing! Whether you are just starting out or want to do a little high steppin’, learning a variety of dances is key. We play a variety of old school and modern music so that we can dance a variety of Ballroom, Latin, [...]

Saturday Night Ballroom Blitz!

There is nothing better than going dancing on Saturday night! Get to see all your friends (and meet new ones!), get exercise, and laugh as we practice all the patterns we learned in class! What a great healthy habit! We play a variety of music, old and new, to dance Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dance styles. We will get you started with a short lesson at 6:15pm. This will give you the basics of 2 different dances. For higher level dancers, we got you covered too. There is also an intermediate/advanced lesson for you at 6:15pm too. It's time to break [...]

Ballroom Dancing Magic!

Learning how to partner dance can be a magical experience! Gliding across the floor with another human being is amazing! You might just discover your new favorite hobby! We play different kinds of music for Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dancing all in one night! There will be a lesson at 6:15 to get you started. No partner is necessary to start dancing as we will be rotating partners in class. If you want to stay with the person you came with that's ok too. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to dance in. And dance the night away! -------- [...]

The Sound Of Music: Latin Dance Workshop

Music is the birthplace of movement as we know it in our industry. The percussions, rhythms and brass gave way for fun steps, connection and expression. In this workshop you will learn more about the base musicality of the cha cha, through a fun yet challenging routine which can be danced solo or in partnership with a fellow dancer! ***************** SCHEDULE *****************1:00PM - 1:30PMLecture: WELCOMING TOPIC 1:30PM - 2:15PMGROUP CLASS 2:15PM - 2:30PMBREAK/REFRESHMENTS 2:30PM - 3:45PMROUNDS/SOCIAL 3:45PM - 4:00PMPERFORMANCE ***************** PRICE *****************$150- includes tickets to social and snacks : REGISTER USING TICKET LINK HERE Message from Sebastian - Join me at [...]

Saturday Night Ballroom Fever!

Join us for a little dancing this Weekend! Whether you are just starting out or want to expand your dance skills, learning a variety of dances is key. We play a variety of old school and modern music so that we can dance a variety of dances. We love them all! Join us! We will get you started with a lesson at 6:15pm. Learn the basics of two dances that you can then practice at the social afterwards. We also offer an intermediate lesson option for our more experienced dancers. Dress is usually casual to dressy-casual, and no partner is necessary. [...]