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We solemnly swear that we are up to no good! For this special ballroom dance party, grab your wand, owl, and spell books for a one of a kind evening you won’t want to miss!
At this event practice your spells and duel with your friends (or enemies), play a game of quidditch, manage all kinds of mischief, enjoy some refreshments, and learn to dance! There is plenty of activities for your non-dancing friends to enjoy!
Dust off those dress robes and represent your house colors, dress as your favorite characters, or wear the sorting hat at the party to find out what house you belong in!
—————— SCHEDULE ———————–
6:15 pm – East Coast Swing & NightClub Two Step lessons with Professor Dickason and Professor Tomkowski in the Great Hall.
6:15pm – Intermediate Quickstep Lesson with Professor Musser and Professor Mark in the Muggle Studies Classroom.
7-9pm – Social dancing and general shenanigans!
——————- PRICING ———————-
$5 Members before 6/18
$10 Non-members before 6/18
$15 the week of event and at the door
Non member tickets online here.
—————— MORE INFO ———————
Call: 916-649-3269
email: info@spotlightballroom.com
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