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Are you ready for another Lindy Hop Workshop? This time we’re bringing up our friends Laura Evans and Paul Riding from Southern California. Paul and Laura are a fun and dynamic dance partnership whose energy is infectious.

Laura and Paul are going to take you on a 4-hour mixed-level Lindy Hop workshop journey that will challenge you and help make your dancing shine! You’ll learn some useful techniques, awesome stylings, and fun moves while you have an amazing time.


11:30 am – Check-in
12:00 – 2:00 pm – Workshops
2:00 – 3:00 pm – Lunch
3:00 – 5:00 pm – Workshops


Studio Members:
$50 before 10/3
$60 from 10/3 to 10/21
$70 at the door
Sign up!  

$60 before 10/3
$65 from 10/3 to 10/21
$75 at the door
Sign up!


What level is this workshop?
This is a mixed-level workshop for anyone who has a grasp on the basic concepts and movements of Lindy Hop. Our goal is to bring the community together for an afternoon of fun, learning, community, and growth.

Do I need a partner?
Nope! You don’t need a partner to join the fun. The classes will rotate and you’ll get to dance with plenty of different people.

If you have a partner and only want to dance with them, you’re more than welcome! Just stay together when everyone rotates.

More about Laura Evans

Laura was first introduced to partner dancing at nine years old by her stepmother, a professional ballroom dance instructor. She discovered lindy hop in college through the University of Redlands Ballroom Dance Club and fell in love with the dance almost instantly. She attended Phoenix Lindy Exchange as her first weekend event in 2016, and it launched her into an unquenchable passion for lindy hop. She has traveled and competed regularly since 2017, winning or placing at events such as Camp Hollywood, Inspiration Weekend, and Lindy on the Rocks. Outside of dancing, Laura is a professional classical violinist and music teacher, and her passion for music has shaped the way she dances. In both her social and competition dancing, she values creatively expressing the music and interacting playfully with her partner. Laura lives in southern California and teaches regularly at Lindygroove and other local dances. She loves to inspire her students and share the dance with anyone willing to try it.​

More about Paul Riding

Paul has been dancing since 2004 and is passionate about sharing the joy of dance through social dancing, teaching, live streaming, competing, and DJing. In 2020 he was awarded Inspiration Weekend’s “Inspiration Award,” Camp Hollywood’s “Golden Budgie” and in 2022 Camp Jitterbug’s “Spirit of Lindy Hop” award for his drive to nurture and help the dance community via live streaming, scene building, and volunteering within the community.



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