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Dean Mora’s an old-school dance music guy whose bands have played places like Camp Hollywood. His debut night was so awesome that we had to get him back on the schedule quickly. This is the opening night of our Midsummer Mashup workshop weekend so it will be extra awesome. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be taking the workshops to dance with us!
Never been swing dancing before? Do you have two left feet? Do you think you lack rhythm? That’s no problem at all for us. At 8:00 pm we’ll teach you the steps you need to know to have a good time. It’s even included in the cost of admission.
No partner? No problem. Our classes are social and rotate partners and you’ll meet a ton of cool, new people. Do you have a partner and only want to dance with them? That’s cool with us too. When the class rotates just stay with your favorite person.
——– CLASSES ——–
8:00 pm – Drop-in Beginning 6-Count Swing (included with your paid admission)
8:00 pm – Lindy Hop 2: Teacher’s Choice
7:00 pm – Lindy Hop 1: Intro to Lindy Hop
7:00 pm – Balboa w/Pat and Tina
——– DANCING ——–
9:00 pm – Dancing!
——– PRICE ——–
$18 for the Drop-in Beginning 6-Count class at 8:00 pm and the dancing at 9:00 pm
——– MORE INFO ——–
Call: 916-649-3269
Email: Info@MidtownStomp.com
Website: www.MidtownStomp.com

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