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After 15 months of hosting Midtown Stomp virtually, we are excited to be back dancing in person at the studio starting June 18th! That’s right y’all, SOCIAL DANCING IS BACK!
Scott will be in the DJ booth to spin your favorite swingin’ tunes. He’s promised to be mindful of the fact that we’re all out of dance shape and will watch his tempos. If you have requests, he definitely wants to know them.
Studio Members – FREE
Non-Members: $10
7:00 – 8:00 pm – The Lindy Hop Tune-Up – We know you haven’t danced much. We know there haven’t been many classes. We know you’re rusty and feeling a bit nervous about dancing again. So in this two-week class on June 18th and 25th, we’ll help you get back those skills you’ve lost. We’ll work on your rhythm, footwork, leading/following, and anything else you need tuned up.
7:00 – 8:00 pm – Lindy Hop Crash Course – Before the pandemic, you wanted to learn Lindy Hop but you never really made time for it. Now it’s time to remedy this problem. We’ll get you started on your Lindy Hop journey with a fun two-week crash course!
8:00 – 9:00 pm – Drop-in Swing – New to Swing Dancing? Confused about what all this talk about Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, Charleston, and Vernacular Jazz are? Don’t worry, this is the class for you. We’ll get you out on the dance floor having a blast in an hour. No partner needed but you’re welcome to bring one! Best of all, this class is included in your paid admission to the dance!
9:00 pm – 12:00 am – SOCIAL DANCING. Dance with your old friends. Dance with your current friends. Dance with your new friends. Dance by yourself. We’re good with it all, just dance!
Will live music return?
Yes! Live music is an integral part of Swing Dancing and we can’t wait to have bands take our stage. We’re just starting out with a few DJ nights to get everyone back in the swing of things! Pun intended.
Are vaccines required?
We are not requiring vaccines to dance at the studio. We do want to encourage everyone to get the vaccine if you’re able.
Are masks required?
While we do ask that those who have not been vaccinated wear a mask, we are not requiring masks. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask we support you 100%.
Do I have to rotate in class?
Before the pandemic, we had a policy that you don’t have to rotate in class if you don’t want to. That policy continues. Rotate ONLY if you want to.
Do I have to Lead/Follow?
We want you to dance and have fun. Dancing is supposed to be fun. Dance the role you want to dance or solo.
Do I have to dance with everyone?
No, you can dance with whomever you want. That’s always been our policy and it won’t change. If you only want to dance with masked people, fine with us. If you only want to dance with your group of friends, cool. If you want to dance alone, more power to you. If you only want to dance with 5’6” DJs named Scott, that’ll be more difficult but we’ll support your decision.
What if I’m feeling ill?
If you’re feeling even a little under the weather please stay home. We know you want to dance and we want to dance with you. But waiting another week or two is the right thing to do to protect your dance family. If you bought a ticket in advance we’ll honor it on another date, refund it, or give you an account credit. But let’s look out for one another’s health. ?

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