Starting Wednesday, February 16th Spotlight Ballroom will align our masking policy to match that of the State and County (Yolo). That means masks will be optional for students who are fully vaccinated. Students who are unvaccinated must continue to wear a mask while inside the studio.

For vaccinated students wanting to go maskless, you’ll need to show proof that you are vaccinated to the front desk and will then receive a wristband (like the ones used at bars). Only students who have wristbands can be without a mask while inside the studio.

If you would like to only have to show your proof of vaccination once we can mark you down in our studio software. Then it’s just a quick and easy check on our part.

Only vaccinated students who WANT the option of going maskless need a wristband. If you prefer, you can continue to wear a mask with the full support of the studio.

Friday and Saturday night social dances will remain vaccinated only but will become mask optional. No wristbands will be given during them as everyone is vaccinated.