Group pieces start practicing November 14th, 2021.

Starting the week of November 14th, we will have several group piece performances for you to choose from.  The first week of these rehearsals are free for you to come and join!  At the end of your class, you can decide whether you want to join the piece, perform with the group in the Spring Show, and sign up for the fun.

The change we think you are going to like the most is that you simply pay a low monthly fee and there are no additional show fees later on.  You don’t have to pay for additional ticket credit, show fees, or anything else.  Each piece costs only $65 per month for five months. All performers get four tickets to the showcase for participating no matter how many pieces they’re in. Extra tickets will be on sale closer to the start of the showcase.

We have a variety of group pieces available for different dance styles and levels.  Please be sure to observe the dance skill level guideline for each piece.  If you aren’t sure about your level please ask an instructor.  To join a piece, just show up to the first class and have a blast getting ready to be in our showcase happening March 12th and 13th!

Note – The Youtube videos below are the songs that each piece will be performing to.  We often cut songs to be a bit shorter for the showcase.

Group Pieces – Starting November 10th

Piece Instructor Dance Type Level Day, Time (Start Date)
Lean on Me Tarah Mark Nightclub Two Step All Levels Sunday, 3:30 pm (Nov 14)
Salsa Junkies Christina Musser Salsa All Levels Sunday, 4:45 pm (Nov 14)
Elevate – Lifts and Tricks Christina Musser Ballroom Intermediate Sunday, 5:30pm (Nov 14)
Brazilian Samba Tarah Mark Brazilian Samba Intermediate Wednesday, 7:15 pm (Nov 17)

Lean on Me with Tarah Mark

Lean on Me is a Night Club Two Step with Tarah Mark.   This piece starts on Sunday, November 14th at 3:30pm.

We are very excited about adding more dancers to this inspirational performance. Night Club Two Step is a fun way to show that you can be someone to lean on. If you have a problem, we’ll understand. It’s sure to be a show performance you’ll remember forever.

Salsa Junkies with Christina Musser

Salsa Junkies with Christina Musser starts Sunday, November 14th at 4:45pm.

Our Salsa Junkies group has had some great performances in the past. Now is your change to join them for their hot performance in the next showcase!

Elevate with Christina Musser

Elevate is our lifts and tricks piece with Christina Musser.  This piece starts Sunday, November 14th at 5:30pm.

Learn to fly through the clouds with Christina! This piece will be focused on lifts and tricks, so we do ask that you have an understanding of ballroom dance basics or talk to Christina about what it would take for you to be able to join the piece! Most people dream of flying — now is your chance.  You’re sure to be Feelin’ Good.

Brazilian Samba with Tarah Mark

Brazilian Samba with Tarah Mark starts Wednesday, December 1st at 7:15pm.

We are looking forward to this high energy solo Brazilian Samba piece set to a cool Gloria Estefan version of a familiar song. This piece is open to all levels of dancer and will be a fun time and a great workout.

Let us know you are coming

You’re welcome to show up to the first rehearsal without reserving a spot.  If you’d like to let us know you’re coming and get a reminder email or text the day before your first rehearsal just let us know your information and which pieces you are interested in!

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