Hi.  You’re apparently hanging out with my cat.  I don’t mind if you hang out with my cat, but sometimes he’s away for days which makes me worry.  His name is Hank and I try to keep him on a no-grain diet since he’s a Bengal.  Sometimes he comes home and he’s not hungry which makes me wonder what he’s eating out in the world.  I’ve seen him play with mice and I’ve also seen him eat them, I think.  I’d prefer he eat mice over grain as he’s supposed to be very strong and muscular, not fat like he will get if he eats grain.  My cell phone number is on his collar now, so you can call or text me if you need to.  I have also put a Tile on him so I can track him, but it only works with a 200 foot range.  If he’s just gone for a couple of hours, I won’t come looking, but I suspect the only way he is gone for days is if he is trapped somewhere or if you’re hanging out with him in your house for a long period of time.  Thank you and he’s quite the creature.  I’d be really worried if he ever came home stressed out or hungry or something, but he’s usually totally chill and just wanders in and meows.  He likes to meow.  A lot.