Guiding Your First Steps

Spotlight Ballroom has assembled instructors who specialize in all varieties of dancing.  You can meet our instructors online by checking out their biographies, but we would love to meet with you in person.  Any of our instructors are available for a free half-hour private lesson consultation to discuss private lesson and class options to get you started on your path to being a great dancer.

Brent Bianchini

Bryant Burmich

Gwen Burton

Pat Chan

Christine Comer

Amber Kaufman

Tarah Mark

Ramses Martinez

Magda Mendez

Kristi Moore

Jessica Mizzi

Christina Musser

Lance Oliver

Gabey Ruiz

Lou Saelee

Aubri Siebert

Michael Siebert

Felicia Soto

Andrea Waybright

Donnelle Yoshino