Swing It Out!


Lindy Hop was sometimes known as Jitterbug and is right out of the ballrooms of Harlem and Los Angeles in the 1930’s.  There are many different types of swing dancing, all done primarily to big band swing music, and Lindy Hop is the granddaddy of them all.  Balboa, Charleston, and Collegiate Shag are some of our other favorite swing dances, and we offer classes in these other styles from time to time.  There are lots of opportunities for social dancing, performance, and competition as you learn to swing dance.

Getting Started

The best way to get started is to try us out with a free introductory private lesson with one of our instructors.  Our students who take regular private lessons have had great success at learning Lindy Hop quickly and are out on the floor enjoying the dance every Friday night.  All of our membership options work great for Lindy Hoppers!  They allow you to take any of our Lindy Hop group classes, participate on the performance team, take private lessons, and social dance with us!

Group Classes

We have series classes in Lindy Hop available.  Lindy Hop classes take place on Fridays before the dances.  We also offer other styles of swing dancing classes (Balboa, Shag, and Charleston) on Wednesday evenings.  Please see our calendar for classes and times.

Social Dancing

Every Friday night, Spotlight Ballroom hosts Midtown Stomp.  We offer a drop-in 6-count swing class and a drop-in Lindy Hop class every Friday night as an introduction to the dances.  Then dance the night away to the best big band music.  Tunes provided by one of our great DJs or sometimes a live band!

Performance Opportunities

When you are ready, allow our instructors to create a cool dance routine for you to perform with your partner at one of our shows.  We also have a Lindy Hop performance team with auditions a couple of times a year.