Noreen Moore

Meet Noreen Moore! Noreen has been dancing with Spotlight for 16 years! She’s one of the most beloved students at the studio, and her kindness radiates to everyone around her. Noreen has been on many of our teams, and has performed many solos as well, and every showcase she brings in a crowd of family and friends.

Here are some fun facts about Noreen:

  • She started dancing because her daughter Kristi got her to attend a class.

  • She and her husband Roy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary together here a few years ago. Roy said that he needed to, “update his vows” because when they got married he said that he would love her “until death do they part.” Roy said that that’s not true, that he’ll love her forever. There was a lovely “Awwww” through the crowd. After a pause, Noreen said, “Well… I’ll love you forever too.”

  • One of Noreen’s favorite dance memories is doing the lift with Roy where she holds his waist and he spins her around. She says that it was scary at first, but she’s proud that she “conquered her fear and did it!”

  • Their adorable and very well-behaved chihuahua is named Luke, after Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

  • She loves the positive atmosphere at Spotlight Ballroom and all the friends she’s made and gets to dance with.

    Photo Credit:  Erin Havey