Bob Melendez

Meet Bob! Bob has been dancing with Spotlight since our old location in Natomas. He’s a powerful force of positivity in the studio, supporting every Showcase, and cheering “Ayyy!” loudly after every song at the dances. Recently at the Winter Showcase we got to see him perform a Foxtrot to “Eye of the Tiger,” and he still has it!  Photo Credit: Erin Havey.

Fun facts about Bob

  • When he was younger, he used to stay on the dance floor until 5am!

  • One of his favorite parts of taking lessons recently was coming in and chatting with Will Roth.

  • Bob now has a permanent seat reserved every showcase, front row center, so that he can cheer to his heart’s content with a great view.

  • Bob has 3 grandchildren.

  • One of Bob’s favorite dance memories was when he was competing with Christina Musser in San Francisco. There were five or six couples competing, and they didn’t expect to make finals. Christina went back to Sacramento, and then drove back to San Francisco because they were in the finals! They snagged second place. Bob was very happy, and they stopped in Berkeley and had some really good chocolate on the way home.