Tango, Illuminated

We are excited to bring all of our students a great way to learn Argentine tango with Stephen and Madeline. Class will start off with a half hour introduction to tango followed by a mixed-level class and practica every Sunday at Spotlight Ballroom!

If you’ve done other dances, tango culture is a bit different. One thing that’s common in tango classes and during the practica that isn’t usually encouraged in other dance classes is the giving of feedback between students. This feedback and being able to ask questions of the person you’re dancing with is a great way to enhance that learning and also get to know the other students in class.

If you’re not familiar with a practica, it is similar to a social dance only much more focused on improving dancing.  Stephen and Madeline are usually available during the practica to answer questions and help us learn.  But it’s also OK during the practica to stop dancing and talk about what is happening in the dance with your partner, like an organized practice. You can, of course, agree with your partner to dance a song or two and just enjoy the dance and see what happens.

Stephen and Madeline are extremely accomplished instructors and offer incredible classes.  We are excited to have them at Spotlight and to bring their classes to all of you.  We’ve worked it out so that our Spotlight members can enjoy their classes as part of our memberships.  If you are interested in private lessons with them, please talk to us.  As with any of our dances, private lessons go a long way towards getting further in your dancing faster.

Weekly Schedule
7:00-7:15p – Check-in, Warm-up, Mingle
7:15-7:45p – Intro to Tango
7:45-8:45p – Mixed Level Tango
8:45-10:00p – Practica

Drop-in $15, Free for Spotlight Members and for Tango Schema Patrons

“Stephen and Madee’s classes never disappoint! As teachers, they intelligently, and thoroughly break down the motions and concepts of tango in a way that is both easy to understand and exciting to learn. As people they bring an energy to the class that both passionate and fun!”

Nyx Donnelly,

“Tango Schema is hands down the best tango instruction you can get. I found them from a local ad looking to try something new. Coming from absolutely zero dance background I stumbled upon Stephen and Madee’s class. Whether you’re dancing for the very first time, or are a professional dancer already, Tango Schema’s classes are fit for all. Stephen and Madee are extremely knowledgeable, patient, and articulate with their explanations, breaking it down to the name of the muscle that is moving at what time (if you’re as overly curious as I am). Together they fill in the gaps of concepts and movement while being a hilarious duo that has me laughing every class. If you’re looking to get into a new hobby or type of dance, you’re in the right place.”

Elizabeth H.,

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