Get Ready To Dance

We have West Coast Swing every week! West Coast Swing is a wonderful and creative dance that you are sure to enjoy. Thursday evenings at Spotlight Ballroom we have lessons and dancing in this very cool modern street style. Whether you like Pop, Blues, or R&B, West Coast Swing is a great way to dance to these styles of music and many more!

6:30 pm: Beginning WCS – Start here to learn the basic patterns, solidify your partner connection, and prepare for the intermediate class.

7:15 pm: Intermediate WCS – Once you are comfortable with the basics (left side pass, right side pass, sugar push, and whip), jump into intermediate to start learning pattern variations.

7:15 pm: Advanced WCS – Learn more complicated variations in patterns, timing, and footwork. Appropriate if you are very comfortable with West Coast Swing. Must be able to demonstrate knowledge learned in previous classes.

Upcoming Dances